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Unfolding sevenfold

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unfolding sevenfold

This is a podcast breaking down Avenged Sevenfold’s songs week by week. This is a podcast for City of Evil and forward Avenged fans. Starting with City of Evil, I am going chronologically, song by song, week by week. Sometimes there are guests, and sometimes I unfold the song Hans Solo. I hope you enjoy the podcast half as much as I enjoy the subject matter.


Here is the song Seize the Day. One of a7x’s biggest songs, commercially and critically. One of the songs that has always been at the top of the list for me, as far as Avenged Sevenfold songs go. This song is about making the most of every moment with the ones you love, because you never know when the last time you see them will be. They did a great music video for this song, which helped to boost it’s popularity. This is a beautiful song by the guys, and I hope you enjoy the episode. Be sure to spread the word to anyone you think might enjoy the episode. Thanks for listening.

The Wicked End! This was a lot of fun to record. After doing the songs by myself for a couple weeks, it was nice to be able to bounce off of someone, and Barney could not have been a better guest. He is familiar with the band, and extremely familiar with recording and producing music. This song is an epic, with many different movements. You can really see how they’re planting the seeds now for what will come in the future. It’s very exciting to see, well hear I guess. I hope you enjoy The Wicked End.

Welcome to Sidewinder. I must admit that out of all of Avenged’s songs these next few are some of my least listened to. I think partially due to the fact that these were at the end of the album, and I was listening while closing at work, and often we finished before these songs came on. So maybe they were never able to sink their hooks in. But non the less I am going to Unfold them all the same. In this song we hear tale of a snake that, may or may not be a metaphorical person? Some people have said that because of a7x’s biblical ties, that this snake represents the devil. I can get behind that idea. Some interesting things happen musically, a lot of things happen musically, and this song ends on a really nice note, but it takes a while to get there. Enjoy Sidewinder